GRCC 2018-2019

Did you know this?

  •    A commuter campus in downtown Grand Rapids

                     There are no on campus living centers

  • There are two main divisions of learning at GRCC
  1. The School of Arts and Sciences, 12 different departments and programs, comprising nearly 40 different academic disciplines. Students here may achieve an Associate of Arts degree. Often these students transfer to four year colleges and universities.
  2. The School of Workforce Development offers programs in 9 different areas from 18 week job training( 16 programs including continuing education/professional development), to one year certificate (26 certificate programs), two year associate degrees and transfer degrees for students desiring a bachelor’s degree. (42 degrees)
  • Tuition

                  2018-2019  $ 114 per contact hour (resident)

                 Culinary arts and Dental programs $ 147 per contact hour (resident)

                Nursing program  $188 per contact hour (resident)

  • Snapshot of GRCC students, data from Winter 2019, GRCC website.
  1. Enrollment 13,016     steady decrease from high of 18,142 in 2011

               FTE 25.8%               decreased from a high of 42% in 2010

             Part time 74.2 %

  1. Average credit hours taken

           Full Time 13.5,   Part Time 6.2 

          16.5 % credits are online classes

     3. Average age of students                                                                                                                           24.1 years,  

           29.2% >25 yrs.

          26.5% 18-19 year old

     4. Race/Ethnicity

              62.2% white                      8.7 % Black

             14 % Hispanic                   4% Asian/Pacific Islander

            0.4 % Native American     7.3% unknow

  1. Gender

            52.6 % female     47.1 % male

  1. Work and school

                     Approximately 40% of GRCC students work 20-40 hours/week

                                             40% work less than 20 hours/week

                                             10% work more than 40 hours/week

                                             Less than 5 % do not work

True North at GRCC

Much of our work at GRCC involves one on one conversations with students as offering a supportive presence.  Since 2016 we have been present weekly on the nursing floor for prayer and conversation with student, faculty, and staff. We have supported the LGBTQ student organization and the Native American Student Organization by our presence at their meetings and events, as well as developing supportive relationships with students and staff.

The Listening Post has been present weekly since Fall 2014. Staffed by trained volunteers from local congregations, the Listening Post offers a safe space for conversations for students, faculty, and staff. Students talk about classes, work, and family. They share their struggles with classes, inappropriate behaviors by co workers, and the burdens they bear in caring for family members with illnesses. One student stopped to tell us how well they were doing at GRCC and told us, “I didn’t think I could do this.” We celebrated and affirmed her success and ability.

One of our “regular” students, wrote this about the Listening Post: “The Listening Post has been a huge help for me.  I have gone through some horrible things like the death of my long time best friend, becoming homeless, feeling like I am too old to go to school, etc.  The Listing Post ladies were even able to help me get through my anxiety about transferring to a university by sharing their experiences. I will be forever in their debt for all the help and support they freely gave me.  It is one of the best things about my time at GRCC. Please keep up the good work, even if no one lets you know you helped you really do help. Especially during exam time, and the candy was a nice touch!”


In addition to our ministry of compassionate listening, the Listening Post volunteers are an important link between the community college, campus ministry and local congregations. As a result of their pastor’s involvement with the Listening Post, North Park Presbyterian Church as part of their February “Caring for Kids” collected food, snacks, and toiletries for students at GRCC and delivered these items to the GRCC food pantry in early March.

Collaborative work:  We continue to do some programming with our collaborative ministry partners, Jabez Ministries,(a ministry for GRCC students with disabilities) and Fellowship of Christian Athletes, primarily a Thanksgiving Dinner and the Fall Finals Week Breakfast Boost.

Thanksgiving dinner is held off campus at Westminster Presbyterian Church and is a time when students and recent alumni gather. There are some students for whom this is our only organized point of connection  and we see them every year at this dinner. This dinner reconnects them to True North and gives us the opportunity to connect informally when we see these students on campus.

The Breakfast Boost provided coffee, donuts and bagels for about 288 students during the first two days of the Fall semester finals week from 7 am until approximately 10 am. This is an opportunity to talk with students about any finals stress and to celebrate the end of the semester. It helps students know there are campus ministries at GRCC and is an easy way for students to meet us. Historically this event happens both Fall and Winter semester. This year some funding constraints meant the Breakfast Boost was only held during the Fall semester.

  Beating Guns Tour: This spring we had the opportunity to bring authors and activists Shane Claiborne and Mike Martin to Grand Rapids as part of their Beating Guns Book Tour. This was a collaborative effort between True North, Grand Rapids Community College and the Wesley Fellowship at GVSU. The evening featured a talk by Shane, a testimony from Denise Martin, a gun violence survivor and member of Eastminster Presbyterian Church and the transformation of a weapon into a garden tool during the event using a forge. An attendee purchased one of the garden tools and gave it as a gift to the Westminster GR youth group. Approximately 60 people, both community members and students attended this event.