Bible and Work: Conclusion

Image via Wikipedia What  conclusions can we form about what the Bible says about work? On the one hand,we might answer not much. We don’t find a list of rules or guidelines for Christians to follow. The Bible isn’t an operations manual for humans. The Bible isn’t our book of everything. On the other hand… … Continue reading Bible and Work: Conclusion

Bible and Work: 4

Our last session focused on considering what God’s intentions for human work were and how that has changed as a result of human sin. We were thinking about what might have been. This week we are going to consider what might be. Instead of thinking about the ancient past we will be thinking about God’s … Continue reading Bible and Work: 4

Bible and Work: part 3

We spent part one and two doing some ground clearing. We thought about the ideas we have about work and we began to think about what work was like in "Bible times".  Now we are ready to look at some scripture passages. We'll begin at the beginning: Genesis. It can be easy, when talking about … Continue reading Bible and Work: part 3