Winter/Spring 2017 at GRCC

Because True North is present on three different campuses, I am sharing an overview of what happened on each campus this semester. Some events True North supports and hosts independently and some we work collaboratively with other campus ministries. At GRCC: The Listening Post was held every week of the semester. While somewhat thin onContinue reading “Winter/Spring 2017 at GRCC”

Week Three of the School Year

One of the realities of campus ministry is that the beginning of the fall semester is chaotic- for students, for faculty, for staff and for campus ministry. Parking on a downtown commuter campus is snarled. New students are lost, trying to find class rooms, the library, where to eat lunch. Schedules are still in flux.Continue reading “Week Three of the School Year”

The Listening Post

The new academic year begins in 19 days! Students will return to campus, finalize class schedules, buy books, reunite with friends, make new friends and begin the process of transitioning from teenagers to young adults. College is an exciting time. But college can also be a stressful, difficult time. Grades,classes, work, family life, friendships, dating,Continue reading “The Listening Post”