Lars and the Real Girl Movie Night

Saturday- April 18 at 7 pm:  True North invites Kendall, GRCC, and GVSU students to a movie night at Forest Hills Presbyterian Church.  Please join us.  for more information contact Nancy, or in the “Comments” section of this site.

The Vision of True North

Sometimes in the blogging world, a group of bloggers will agree to write on a single topic and post their efforts on the same day.  Such an effort is underway in the Presbyterian Church and this post is part of the new Presbyterian Bloggers Unite group whose first topic is “campus ministry”. You can readContinue reading “The Vision of True North”

Katherine McClure @ Kendall

Last Thursday, photographer Katherine McClure, hosted by True North, spoke at the Kendall Christian Fellowship. Katherine is an engaging speaker and shared her journey from a child with poor vision – she didn’t know trees had leaves until she got glasses- to her experiences as a photography student in Chicago to her current work asContinue reading “Katherine McClure @ Kendall”