Kendall College of Art and Design 2017-2018

Kendall College of Art and Design is a commuter school of 1071 students in downtown Grand Rapids.  Sixty nine percent of KCAD students are full time. Kendall is a four year college and part of Ferris State University. At KCAD, classes stop for a lunch break every day which helps us have regular student meetings. … Continue reading Kendall College of Art and Design 2017-2018

Winter/Spring 2017 at Kendall College of Art and Design and GVSU

Because True North is present on three different campuses, I am sharing an overview of what happened on each campus this semester. Some events True North supports and hosts independently and some we work collaboratively with other campus ministries. At Kendall College of Art and Design: This semester we read and discussed Quentin Schultze’s book … Continue reading Winter/Spring 2017 at Kendall College of Art and Design and GVSU

The First Week of School

We've just finished the first week of school at Kendall College of Art and Design, Grand Rapids Community College and Grand Valley State University. Campus is full of students. Traffic in Grand Rapids is snarled around campus. (Just until everyone figures out where and how to park). Books are bought. Syllabuses have been handed out, … Continue reading The First Week of School

We Have Pictures!

Here is a slideshow of some pictures of the workshops Steve Prince led for Kendall College students. Steve did three workshops, gave two lectures and had dinner with Kendall Christian Fellowship students. Thanks to Steve for all his fine work and thanks to Kendall College for partnering with us.

The Fantastic Mr. Fox

Last Saturday night about 16 GRCC and Kendall College students watched "The Fantastic Mr. Fox" at the Celebration Cinema as Woodland Mall.  It's a movie about a chicken stealing fox, who "goes straight" by becoming a journalist and then returns to a life of chicken stealing on the sly. But of course, there is more … Continue reading The Fantastic Mr. Fox

Lars and the Real Girl Movie Night

Saturday- April 18 at 7 pm:  True North invites Kendall, GRCC, and GVSU students to a movie night at Forest Hills Presbyterian Church.  Please join us.  for more information contact Nancy, or in the "Comments" section of this site.