Lars and the Real Girl Movie Night

Saturday- April 18 at 7 pm:  True North invites Kendall, GRCC, and GVSU students to a movie night at Forest Hills Presbyterian Church.  Please join us.  for more information contact Nancy, or in the “Comments” section of this site.

Meet the Author

On Wednesday April 15 from 3-4 pm come meet Quentin Schultze, author of Here I Am: Now What On Earth Should I Be Doing?”.  The True North- GRCC Intervarsity group has had a great time reading and discussing this book and next week we have the chance to meet the author.  If you have beenContinue reading “Meet the Author”

Here I Am Chapter 2 “Participating in Renewal”

There are several quite interesting ideas offered by Quentin Schultze in this chapter. One  is that God can use both our strengths andweaknesses. I suspect this is true because often what is a strength in one situation can be a weakness in another. The apostle Paul’s zeal as a Pharisee was destructive, particularly for Christians.Continue reading “Here I Am Chapter 2 “Participating in Renewal””