Does God Call Us to Particular Jobs? Vocation part 4

Does God call us to particular jobs? Yes and  no. Some of us know from an early age what we want to “be” when we grow up. Some of us discover our life’s work when we take a class or volunteer somewhere. Others of us wonder and wander for a long time, trying to findContinue reading “Does God Call Us to Particular Jobs? Vocation part 4”

Here I Am Chapter 2 “Participating in Renewal”

There are several quite interesting ideas offered by Quentin Schultze in this chapter. One  is that God can use both our strengths andweaknesses. I suspect this is true because often what is a strength in one situation can be a weakness in another. The apostle Paul’s zeal as a Pharisee was destructive, particularly for Christians.Continue reading “Here I Am Chapter 2 “Participating in Renewal””