Never Too Late: Christian Calling and Vocation, Resources

I'll be leading an adult education class at Forest Hills Presbyterian Church January 26, February 16, and February 23. I will post some of that information on the True North blog. Today I want to offer a list of resources for those who are interested in further information. Websites: Theology of Work The High Calling The … Continue reading Never Too Late: Christian Calling and Vocation, Resources

“The Myth of Calling”

Higher Callings, a site worth your while, has published this very good essay on "The Myth of Calling". While comments on blogs are often not worth your while to read, the comments here are, as people reflect on the ways they have discovered God's call in their life.

What is God’s Call?

Often you will hear people talk about God's call. But what is it? How do you know it?  Perhaps you have looked in the Bible for clues, some benchmarks that will help you recognize God's call. Here is a question to think about. Is God's call the same for all people? Or is it particular … Continue reading What is God’s Call?