Our Seminary Intern

Hi! My name is Emily Anderson, and I’m excited to be interning at True North! I’m originally from Dexter, Michigan, and I graduated from Hope College in 2017. I’m currently pursuing my Masters of Divinity at Western Theological Seminary. I enjoy Michigan football, coffee dates without the coffee part, and ice cream. 
My first semester with True North  was full of new experiences and people. One of my favorite things that I got to do was join a study on contemplative practices. Nancy and I met with 3-6 students a week where we shared how things were going and tried on new disciplines. I loved getting to share the highs and lows and comforts of these new practices.


True North Campus Ministry in Grand Rapids Michigan is looking for an intern for the 2019-2020 academic year.. Ideally the intern is considering campus ministry as a career, but a significant part of this internship involves discernment about calling and thus career certainty is not expected or required. A willingness to participate in campus ministry is all that is required. Applicants may be undergraduates, graduates considering seminary or other post grad programs, and persons in seminary  or other post grad programs ,or seminary graduates. No prior ministry experience is expected. Membership in the PC(USA) is not required.

About True North Campus Ministry: We are a ministry of the PC(USA) and therefore reformed and progressive in our theology. We value interfaith work. We welcome and afirm LGBTQ persons fully in the life of the church and in our work. We take the Bible seriously but not literally. We are committed to social justice.

At the same time, we serve students from a variety of theological perspectives- from conservative evangelicals, to Roman Catholics to Orthodox, to agnostic/atheists. We value and practice hospitality. We respect the diversity of faith perspectives our students have. Our work is not to create students who think as we do. Our goal is to help students think deeply and seriously about their faith and how it impacts all aspects of their life- whatever that faith tradition (or no tradition) they profess.

True North offers a unique campus ministry experience in that we serve three distinct colleges in Grand Rapids- Grand Rapids Community College, Kendall College of Art and Design, and Grand Valley State University. We are a progressive, inclusive ministry that works collaboratively with other organizations on campus.

The Internship: The intern can expect to experience all facets of campus ministry, working with students, college administration, denominational  bodies and local congregations. Campus ministers must do a bit of everything and so will our intern- planning events and studies, one on one discussions, budget and finance, fundraising, social media, working with governing boards and agencies.

In addition to learning and doing the various practical tasks of campus ministry, there will also be time set aside for reflection and consideration of the purposes and goals of campus ministry and helping the intern discern if campus ministry may be a realistic career choice for them.

The intern will work approximately 10 hours per week during the academic year, beginning mid to late August 2019 through late April 2020. The exact start and end dates will be arranged with the intern. We are willing to  work with your institution and you to make this a ” for credit” internship. We have a $1400 scholarship ($ 700 per semester) to help offset the cost of the internship. In addition, we will send you to the 2020 National Campus Ministry Annual Conference, where you will have the opportunity to meet campus ministers from across the nation and who serve in a variety of different settings.

Please contact Nancy Janisch, M Div. Director of Campus Ministries at or 616-821-0351