What is True North Campus Ministry? 

True North is our Presbyterian expression of love and grace on the college campuses of downtown Grand Rapids. The ministry involves students, faculty, and staff at Grand Rapids Community College, Kendall College of Art and Design ( part of Ferris State University), and Grand Valley State University. We work collaboratively with other college ministries on all three campuses.

What is the mission of True North Campus Ministry?

Our mission is to help college students consider God’s abundant possibilities for their lives, and recognize their vocations as they make significant life decisions.

Why is the ministry named True North?

In navigation, “true north” is the fixed point used as a reference, allowing a traveler to successfully plot a course and reach the desired destination. As Christians, our relationship with God is our True North, helping us navigate the many twists and turns of life and to go forth with confidence on all the journeys we are called to make.

Who sponsors True North Campus Ministry?

The ministry is a partnership between the Presbytery of Lake Michigan, local congregations and individuals. The Presbytery provides the funding for the campus minister (half time). Local congregations and individuals provide hands on participation and funding for all programs.

How do we help support True North?

Financial support from congregations and individuals covers all of True North’s program expense. In 2019 the budget from program is $3120.00.

Personal involvement lets individuals and students connect with one another. Each semester we need volunteers to share their time and talents.

What are some ways individuals can directly participate?

  • Be a listener at the Listening Post. 
  • Share your experience of work and faith. Spend time (once or more than once) with a college student who is thinking about entering your field to share how your faith and work intersect while offering encouragement as they pursue their studies.
  • Help with specific events. During the course of the year there are a variety of events, such as Random Acts of Lunch (provide food and/or help serve), service learning opportunities, and special events.
  • Join the True North Board. Do you have planning, organizing, or fund raising skills?

Contact our Director of Ministry to volunteer or to learn more. Nancy@truenorthonline.org

What are some ways that churches and individuals support True North financially?

  • Covenant Church support- guaranteed annual support of True North
  • Church Special Offering for True North
  • Individual gifts, one time or recurring. Several levels of giving are suggested. You may support True North at whatever financial level is best for you.

 To donate click here.

What does True North bring to campus that is unique?

College is a critical time for making many important life decisions. We bring a Reformed understanding of the Christian life which says to each student, God wants to be in every aspect of  your life. We will walk with you as you explore your questions and make choices about your choice of profession, relationships, and where and how you want to live. We don’t require students to get their faith “right” before they can participate in our activities. Trusting in God’s movement as we study and play and serve together, faith develops deeply and authentically.

Everyone is welcome at True North. We are one of the few campus ministries that fully accepts and welcomes LGBTQA persons. We include students from a variety of faith traditions and no faith tradition. We welcome people with questions and doubts. We strive to embody Jesus’ radically inclusive way of love.




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