Events 2011/2012

 True North’s ministry coordinator, Nancy Janisch will be preaching this Sunday, July 15 9:30 am at  Forest Hills Presbyterian Church.

“Redeeming Work”  Luke 19:1-10

All are welcome to attend!

Shane Claiborne speaking in 2007
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Shane Claiborne

Reconciliation: Tearing Down the Walls

April 1 4 pm

Westminster Presbyterian Church 47 Jefferson Grand Rapids

Free event, All are welcome

Bestselling Author, Prominent Christian Activist, Sought-after Speaker and Recovering Sinner

Reconciliation:Tearing Down the Walls

From picket fences and gated neighborhoods to office cubicles and prison cells, we live in a world of walls.  We can end up lonely people… stuck in the ghettos of poverty and the ghettos of affluence.  But God is all about tearing down walls.  We are not alone. Stories of compassion and reconciliation invite us into the promise that the gates will not prevail.  Poverty and injustice become personal, as we gain the eyes to see the suffering around us.  The Gospel comforts the afflicted and afflicts the comfortable… but is good news to all of us.  Scriptures may include:  Luke 16: 19-26 (the parable of the rich man and Lazarus).

With tears and laughter, Shane Claiborne unveils the tragic messes we’ve made of our world and the tangible hope that another world is possible. Shane graduated from Eastern University, and did graduate work at Princeton Seminary. His ministry experience is varied, from a 10-week stint working alongside Mother Teresa in Calcutta, to a year spent serving a wealthy mega-congregation at Willow Creek Community Church outside Chicago. During the recent war in Iraq, Shane spent three weeks in Baghdad with the Iraq Peace Team. Shane is also a founding partner of The Simple Way, a faith community in inner city Philadelphia that has helped to birth and connect radical faith communities around the world.

Shane writes and travels extensively speaking about peacemaking, social justice, and Jesus. He is featured in the DVD series “Another World Is Possible” and is the author of the several books including The Irresistible Revolution, Jesus for President, and Becoming the Answer to Our Prayers. Shane speaks over 100 times a year in a dozen or so countries and nearly every state in the US. Shane has given academic seminars at Vanderbilt University, Duke University Pepperdine University, Wheaton College, Princeton University, Goshen College and Harvard University. Shane also speaks at various denominational gatherings, festivals, and conferences around the globe. Shane’s work has been featured in everything from Fox News and the Wall Street Journal to CNN and National Public Radio.

Kendall Christian Fellowship March Speakers

John Sawyer of  Grey Matter Group will be speaking March 15 at the Kendall Christian Fellowship Meeting, 11:30 am, room 209. All Kendall College students are welcome to attend. John will be speaking on the ways his faith has shaped his approach to his work with Grey Matter Group.

John Sawyer began his career as an art director at publishing company. He became Senior Art Director at several agencies including Biggs Gilmore. Then he spent 10 years working for Zondervan as VP of Bible Marketing. Now he is a partner at Grey Matter Group, responsible for new business, client relationships, branding and marketing strategy. GMG is a branding and marketing firm that generates results for clients through a unique synergy of strategy and creativity. Clients include American Eagle Outfitters, Chiquita, Steelcase, Old Orchard, Kendall College of Art & Design, Compassion International, Zondervan, Bissell, and Michigan State University.

Phil Schaafsma  of Eyekons Gallery will be speaking March 29 at the Kendall Christian Fellowship meeting, 11:30 am room 209. All Kendall College Students are welcome to attend. Phil will be speaking on the “business” of art and how Christian artists might find their way in the art business world.

Kendall Christian Fellowship Art Show

Visit Monroe Community Church to view art from the students of the Kendall Christian Fellowship. An Artist’s Reception will be held February 3 from 7-9 pm at the church. Stay tuned for details about other venues!

Science vs Christianity?  at GRCC

Join us beginning February 1 for what promises to be an interesting discussion on science and Christianity. We will be using materials from Test of Faith and the Faraday Institute to explore the relationships between science and Christianity. Our starting premise is that Christianity is true and that modern science accurately describes and explains the world around us. Using video clips of working scientists who are Christian and theologians who are well versed in science we will discuss the following topics


Feb. 1: Science, Faith and the Universe

Feb. 8: Facts and Faith

Feb. 15: Creation vs. Evolution?

Feb. 22: Christian Environmentalism?

Feb. 29: Are we more than our Brains?

This series begins February 1  from 3-4:30 p.m.,  On the GRCC campus, Room 20 (inside Student Life) SC

Christianity and Business Ethics

Nancy will be meeting with GVSU  MBA students on February 13 to discuss Christian faith and its relationship with business ethics.

Kendall College of Art and Design Event

Nov 10 Artist Chris Overvoorde will speak at 11:30 am, room 209 on “Making Art as a Christian”.  Chris has an exhibit opening Nov 18 at the Grand Rapids Art Museum. You can see more of Chris’s work, here.

GRCC Event

October 11, Ruth Bancewicz of the Faraday Institute and “Test of Faith” will be on campus to speak with students about being a Christian in the Sciences. Room 20 of the Student Life Office at 3:30-5:30 pm. Don’t miss this opportunity!   

GRCC Event

September 28 and 29 Calvin DeWitt, see our Calvin DeWitt tab for the latest details.

Kendall College Event

  October 6, 11:30 am  Bonnie Burke, designer and Kendall faculty speaking on “Salt and Light”    Room 209 Kendall College of Art and Design.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

August 12, 10 am – 3 pm  GRCC “Raider Rally”  Nancy will be there with the GRCC Christian Fellowship. Stop by and find out our plans for the Caring for Creation Conference at GRCC in September. Get involved!

Sept 6 Campus Life Night, GVSU  Come by our table and discover what’s happening on the Pew Campus this fall!

Sept 28-29  Caring for Creation Conference,  Calvin DeWitt keynote speaker.Save the date!  There are still opportunities for students to be involved in the planning! Join us and make this conference a stellar event at GRCC.

In GR for the summer? Join Nancy on Saturdays at 9:30 am at Kava House to talk about Love Wins. We will be meeting with a group of people from Westminster Presbyterian Church. We are not interested in defending or condemning the book. We want to read it and talk about it. We may agree or disagree but the object of our get togethers is to talk and think about the issues Rob Bell raises and drink some coffee.  Join us and find out how interesting and, yes, even FUN theology and coffee can be!

SAVE THE DATE!!  University of Wisconsin professor, environmentalist and Christian thinker, Calvin DeWitt will be in Grand Rapids September 29 and 30. We are in our planning stages now and are actively interested in student ideas and input. Contact Nancy if you have an idea for a nature walk, field trip to do during these days. 

April 16  Grand Dialogue in Science and Religion  it is still not too late to register. Hope to see you there.

March 30, April 6,13,20 at 7:30 pm Small group discussion on forgiveness and reconciliation at Westminster Presbyterian Church, 47 Jefferson in Grand Rapids.   Worship at 7 pm. Over the next four weeks we will discuss, evil and evildoers, forgiveness, repentance and regret, and optimism and hope. We will use selected essays from Miroslav Volf’s book Against the Tide as the jumping off point for our discussions but reading the essays is not necessary to participate in the discussion. Talk to Nancy about getting a copy of the book.  Each week our True North blog will have a reflection on that weeks essay. Please join us!

After spring break, we will be changing our format for Coffee Break. Each week we will have a new topic. Let’s discuss them over a cup of coffee. There are also new times and some new locations.

Our revised schedule will be on our calendar and on our Facebook page.

As always, feel free to bring a friend. The more the merrier!

Topics for the week beginning:

March 14  The Bible: Can Christians take the Bible Seriously, but perhaps not literally?

March 21 God and Money

March 28 Christian Environmentalism

April 4 Science and Christianity

April 11 Good with God. Christian Ethics

April 18 Interfaith Dialogue

Days,  Times, and Places:

Tuesdays  9:30 am  Riverfront Cafe

Tuesdays 2 pm The Bitter End

Wednesdays 9:30 am Riverfront Cafe

Wednesday  2 pm The Bitter End

Thursdays 1:30 pm   Local Mocha

Selected Friday nights (check the calendar) 8 pm The Bitter End

Selected Saturdays (check the calendar) 10 am  Local Mocha

Need directions?

Local Mocha

The Bitter End

Riverfront Cafe

Lenten Opportunities Check our blog for Lenten opportunities on Wednesday nights at Westminster Presbyterian Church. Mid week worship 7 pm ( 30 minute service), learning opportunities 7:30 pm. You are welcome to attend worship and a class or come for either worship or a class.

Speakers  Free and Not to be missed

April 16 Grand Dialogue Nancey Murphy “Do Humans Have Souls”. Nancey Murphy is a professor of Christian philosophy at Fuller Theological Seminary. In the afternoon there will be several breakout sessions on Science and Religion topics.

April 29 Miroslav Volf, Professor of Systematic Theology, Yale Divinity School.  “Adventure of Forgiveness”  at Westminster Presbyterian Church 47 Jefferson, Grand Rapids.

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