Summer 2021 Update: We are waiting for the final official decisions from the colleges and universities we serve. Right now, we are hopeful that we will be in person on campus in the fall. However, as always, the health and safety of our students is foremost. The decision about in person activities will be made closer to the start of the academic term and will follow the recommendations of university authorities, and public health officials.

For the health, safety, and well being of our students all our meetings and events will be held online until further notice.

Our highest priority is the health and safety of all who participate in our ministry. As Christians our concern should always be focused on the well being of others. While scientists are learning more everyday about Covid-19, there is still much to learn and guidelines for safely meeting in person are rapidly changing in response to the current situation.

We now know that young, healthy people can be severely affected by Covid-19. We know that people can not have symptoms, not be ill and still be contagious and spread the virus. We know some of our students have co morbidities that place them at higher risk of serious disease. We know some of our students live with family members or roommates who have co morbidities.

We also know that not every student is taking classes in person, on campus. Some students are choosing to remain at home and are participating in distance learning.

The colleges and universities where we serve are all strongly discouraging or prohibiting student organizations from meeting in person.

To reduce the risk of infection to our students and to ensure that all who wish to participate may do so, regardless of where they are physically located, our events and meetings will be held online for the foreseeable future.

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We believe that as Christians we need to be concerned about the well being of others. Loving our neighbor means, among other things, doing our best to not endanger their health.

We will be reevaluating this decision as needed. We will pay attention to the recommendations from public health officials, denominational guidelines and the colleges and universities where we are present.

If you have questions about our Covid 19 policy, please contact us at