Author Quentin Schulzte speaking

Author and Calvin College professor, Quentin Schultze will be speaking with GRCC Christian Fellowship students on Wednesday November 30 at 11:30 am in room 20 of the Student Center. Two groups of GRCC Christian Fellowship students have been reading and discussion Schultze’s bookHere I Am.  The discussion about book has been lively and we lookContinue reading “Author Quentin Schulzte speaking”

Bible and Work: Conclusion

Image via Wikipedia What  conclusions can we form about what the Bible says about work? On the one hand,we might answer not much. We don’t find a list of rules or guidelines for Christians to follow. The Bible isn’t an operations manual for humans. The Bible isn’t our book of everything. On the other hand…Continue reading “Bible and Work: Conclusion”

Bible and Work Seven

Bible and Work 7 By Nancy Image via Wikipedia Today’s question.  What does Jesus have to say about work? What’s your response? Jesus talks about various kinds of work in his parables, but of course the parables aren’t really about work. Jesus warns us about the dangers of loving wealth (Matt 6:24 among other places). JesusContinue reading “Bible and Work Seven”