GVSU update 2017-2018

Grand Valley State University- Pew Campus  This is a non residential campus. Grand Valley State University's main campus is in Allendale MI, but GVSU has a significant presence in Grand Rapids at the Pew Campus and the Health Sciences complex. Our group here - called "The Garden"- was a collaborative group supported by an intern … Continue reading GVSU update 2017-2018

Kendall College of Art and Design 2017-2018

Kendall College of Art and Design is a commuter school of 1071 students in downtown Grand Rapids.  Sixty nine percent of KCAD students are full time. Kendall is a four year college and part of Ferris State University. At KCAD, classes stop for a lunch break every day which helps us have regular student meetings. … Continue reading Kendall College of Art and Design 2017-2018

Grand Rapids Community College 2017-2018

  Here is a summary of what happened this past academic year at GRCC. Grand Rapids Community College is a commuter campus of a little over 13,000 students. Twenty six percent of the students are full time (the highest percentage since 2010), and 74 % are part time. The average age of a GRCC student … Continue reading Grand Rapids Community College 2017-2018

Week Three of the School Year

One of the realities of campus ministry is that the beginning of the fall semester is chaotic- for students, for faculty, for staff and for campus ministry. Parking on a downtown commuter campus is snarled. New students are lost, trying to find class rooms, the library, where to eat lunch. Schedules are still in flux. … Continue reading Week Three of the School Year

Watching Our Garden Grow

This past weekend (June 20-22, 2014) True North and our collaborative partners, Jabez Ministries and GRCC Christian Fellowship returned to First Presbyterian Church in Benton Harbor MI for a weekend of service and learning. Six students traveled to Benton Harbor and two students came and worked for the day on Saturday. Friday night, after dinner … Continue reading Watching Our Garden Grow

Shane Claiborne in Grand Rapids

We had a great day with Shane Claiborne at Westminster Presbyterian Church.  A small group of students from GVSU, MSU and GRCC were able to meet with Shane before his public appearance to talk about life at the Simple Way, restorative justice, and how, in light of all the difficult and sad situations in the … Continue reading Shane Claiborne in Grand Rapids