Who We Are

Mission Statement

The mission of True North Campus Ministry is to help college students consider God’s abundant possibilities for their lives, and recognize their vocations as they make significant life decisions.

 Christians refer to the question of God’s calling for our lives as the question of our vocation.  The Christian experience of vocation begins with our callings to faith in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior.  As faith grows and matures, we come to understand how God is working through our distinctive abilities, interests, and life experiences to provide opportunities for serving Christ: through our professions and employment, significant life relationships, stewardship of the creation, neighborhood situations, interactions across cultures, and all other experiences of our lives.

More About Us

We are a campus ministry of the Presbyterian Church (USA) for all students, regardless of their religious affiliation ( or lack of affiliation) who are interested in exploring their faith and the world. We are dedicated to being respectful of the variety of religious beliefs that students hold and encourage respectful conversation as we explore issues together.

True North is a campus ministry supported by the Presbytery of Lake Michigan and is governed by a local board of directors.

The Ministry Coordinator for True North is Nancy Janisch. After 20 years as a practicing veterinarian, in small animal and emergency medical practice, Nancy returned to seminary and received a Master of Divinity Degree. She is a member of Westminster Presbyterian Church in Grand Rapids. Nancy has a particular interested in the areas of vocation, spiritual formation, and science and religion.