Who We Are

United Campus Christian Fellowship

After two years of prayer and conversation, True North Campus Ministry has joined with ministry partners from the United Methodist Church and the Evangelical Lutheran Church to create United Campus Christian Felloship (UCCF).

We are a campus ministry of for all students, regardless of their religious affiliation ( or lack of affiliation) who are interested in exploring their faith and the world. We are dedicated to being respectful of the variety of religious beliefs that students hold and encourage respectful conversation as we explore issues together.

UCCF offers a place where students can learn about and follow Jesus Christ in a non-judgmental, inclusive, and open environment. We help students learn how their faith connects to the rest of their lives- their career choices and their social justice concerns. We offer thoughtful Bible study, spiritual formation, and opportunities to put one’s faith into action.

Our Campus Ministers

Nancy Janisch, M Div.

After being the Director of Campus Ministries for True North since 2008 and the Wesley Fellowship director since 2017, Nancy is excited to be part of UCCF. Nancy has a Master of Divinity degree from Saint Paul School of Theology (2005), a BS in Biology (1975) and DVM (1983) from Kansas State University. She has a particular interest in spiritual formation, social justice, Bible study, and the intersection of science and religion.

Kate Van Valkenburg, M. Div

In addition to serving as a campus minister for UCCF, Pastor Kate is also pastor of Bread of Life Lutheran Church in Hudsonville, MI.

How to Contact Us

Nancy nancy@uccfmi.org or 616-710-1605

Kate pastorkatevv@uccfmi.org or 616-613-6991

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