Kendall College of Art and Design 2018-2019

Did you know this about KCAD?

  • Kendall College of Art and Design (KCAD) is part of Ferris State University. A non residential college in downtown Grand Rapids.
  • Undergraduate degrees in 17 areas, Masters degrees in 8 areas
  • Tuition 2018-2019

Undergrad  0-55 competed credits  $421/ credit hour

                 Undergrad  56+ credits $ 435/credit hour

                 Undergrad studio   $435/ credit hour

                  Graduate  $ 1045/credit hour

  • A snapshot of KCAD students, winter 2019 data from website

         1.  Fall 2018 enrollment

                           1,011 students

                           75% full time  25% part time

         2. Race/ ethnicity demographics

                    76% White                     5% multi racial

                   7% Hispanic                    3% black/African American

                   3% Asian                            < 1% Native American, Hawaiian  

          3.   Gender:

                 70% female     30% male

True North at Kendall College of Art and Design

At Kendall, our work has focused on training and empowering student leaders to organize and run Kendall Christian Fellowship, a registered student organization. We had new student leadership this year and we meet regularly with them to help them plan meetings and to provide coaching for running meetings, leading small group discussions, how to publicize their group, and meeting college administrative requirements.

Weekly lunchtime small group  –  Each semester there was a student led study. In the fall it was the DVD based study “For the Life of the World” a series on the intersection of Christian faith and the world. In the winter semester they studied, “The Gospel of John” using another DVD series.  

Random Acts of Lunch – Three times over the academic year, we provided a free lunch for students in the Kendall student commons. We served about 40 students each time. This gives the Kendall Christian Fellowship students the opportunity to extend hospitality to their peers and also address, in a small way, the reality of food insecurity on campus.


Speakers: In the winter semester we hosted local artist Ed Riojas who spoke about his development as an artist and Christian over lunch to the general Kendall community. We brought nationally recognized workshop leader,educator, and printmaker Steve Prince to KCAD and offered a hands on printmaking workshop at Kendall.

                                 Rhema Printmaking Workshop with Steve Prince.

sdr     Ed Riojas


We were able to facilitate a senior student meeting with a representative from Princeton Seminary to talk about art and faith.

The Kendall students held several social events: A fall harvest party, a Thanksgiving dinner, A Christmas Party  (including creating gingerbread houses),Valentines Day cookie give away, Rock painting, an Easter party, and a year end pizza party with sharing of their year’s artwork.



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