Kendall College of Art and Design 2017-2018

Kendall College of Art and Design is a commuter school of 1071 students in downtown Grand Rapids.  Sixty nine percent of KCAD students are full time. Kendall is a four year college and part of Ferris State University. At KCAD, classes stop for a lunch break every day which helps us have regular student meetings. Ministry on this campus is collaborative between Campus Ministry @GVSU interns and True North.


  This year during weekly meetings, students rotated leading discussions using the Animate Faith Video Series. This resource had a short video introducing a topic, such as  the meaning of the Cross, what is salvation, etc, designed to encourage the students to think and discuss. The material also included journals for writing, drawing and reflection what were ideal for engaging art students.

  We also hosted three speakers. Local fine artist Virginia Weiringa after her talk commented “That was a great group of young people with very thoughtful questions.”

   Matt Plescher, painter and calligrapher, spoke on the creative process. One student commented that she needed to give a class presentation on her creative process and she was not sure what that was. Hearing Matt helped her identify her own creative process.

The Rev. Charlotte Ellison spoke on giftedness as call.

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The students organized an overnight retreat that four students attended. They organized a “Friendsgiving Dinner”, game and movie night, an Easter dinner, and end of semester party, and a day trip to the Chicago Art Museum.

Friendsgiving dinner

Students also organized and led a weekly lunchtime prayer meeting.

We hosted four Random Acts of Lunch (September, October, February, April) These are days we bring in a hot meal and serve any student who wants to eat. About 20 students, most of whom are not regular attenders of weekly meetings, participate each time.



Each year graduating students have a show, here are some of the art created by our students.

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