GVSU update 2017-2018

Grand Valley State University- Pew Campus  This is a non residential campus. Grand Valley State University’s main campus is in Allendale MI, but GVSU has a significant presence in Grand Rapids at the Pew Campus and the Health Sciences complex. Our group here – called “The Garden”- was a collaborative group supported by an intern from Campus Ministry @GVSU and True North.   In the Fall semester the group met in a private home and had dinner, music and Bible study. They studied the Book of James with student taking turns leading the discussion. Student leaders received support as needed from our Ministry DIrector. Upon evaluation of the semester the students decided to relocate to a local restaurant and change the meeting day. This lessened the burden of hosting the group. However there was concern that the cost of meeting at a restaurant might hinder student attendance and so True North and CM@GVSU underwrote the cost of appetizers for students attending. In the Winter semester the students studied the Gospel of Mark, again with students leading the discussion.

  By the end of the academic year, the students- who began the year as mostly literal readers were able to talk comfortably about the literary structure of the texts, and consider why, for example, the author of Mark included particular events and why the author organized and structured the gospel in the way he did.



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