Winter/Spring 2017 Update- Everything Else

Campus ministry, as you might imagine, is mostly focused on students and what happens on campus. However there are other things that happen and here is the update on those “other” things.

There are other regular and one off meetings and events that occurred over the semester.  

I met weekly to talk and coordinate with other campus ministers about shared projects at GRCC, KCAD, and GVSU. I attended an evening service and supper at LaGrave CRC to support one of my colleagues and to talk informally with people about the Listening Post.

I am the membership secretary of the National Campus Ministry Association and thus part of the coordinating committee. In addition to maintaining the membership list and mailing membership gifts, I also am in charge of maintaining our job posting sites (Google group, website, Facebook and Twitter).  I am also part of the organizing committee for our national conference. The conference will be July 26-28 at Illiff School of Theology in Denver with the theme “Campus Ministry in difficult times”

My work also involves visiting local congregations.

I taught adult education classes at Forest Hills Presbyterian Church ( on atonement) and preached there. Thank you for inviting me, FHPC!

I led a class at Westminster Presbyterian Church (my home church) on Transgender persons and the Church.

I did Listening Post “Minute for Mission” at Eastminster Presbyterian Church and North Park Presbyterian Church.

Going to visit area churches and to tell them about campus ministry is a great joy for me.

I also regularly attend the meetings of the Presbytery of Lake Michigan. This is an opportunity to connect with pastors and elders from PCUSA churches in west Michigan. As well as reconnect with other campus ministers in the presbytery.

I attended Interfaith Advisor luncheons at GVSU.  At these luncheons people (administration and faith based organization advisers)  have the opportunity to talk about what’s happening on campus.

I am a non voting ecumenical  member of the Wesley Fellowship Board at GVSU.

There is an Interfaith Prayer and Meditation room at GRCC now. And I was able to be part of that process.

Continuing education is an ongoing process. There is always something new to learn or skills to improve. I use online resources (Interfaith Youth Core webinars, NCMA webinars, PCUSA podcasts ( Pastoral care) and a Trans Faith Allies course), in addition to my summer reading list and attendance at the NCMA conference. I also received a certificate in Youth Mental Health first aid.

I spoke with a young man referred by his spiritual director about campus ministry. This person is in a process of discernment about a possible call to campus ministry.

I had coffee with two Young Life staff persons about GRCC students and campus life.

I worked with the True North board to develop fundraising materials and launch a fundraising campaign. If you think you might be interested in serving on our board (it’s a great bunch of people), let me know. And if you would like to donate to the ministry of True North, you may do so here. 

I maintain the True North website, Facebook page and Twitter feed, as well as the Facebook presence at GRCC and Kendall for our collaborative site specific groups. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter and you will be able to find out what’s happening as it happens.

As you can see, there is a significant amount of “off campus” work that happens. Some of it is making connections with others in campus ministry, both for mutual support and continuing education. Some of it involves making connections with the faculty, staff, and administration on campus. Without their support I cannot do my work. Some of that work is making sure that folks in congregations remember that we exist! If you are not on campus it is easy to forget that campus ministers are around and meeting with students.  Some of this work is just the administrative and management “stuff” that needs to happen for our work to continue.

One of the best things about this job, besides the students, is the variety of things I do!



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