Winter/Spring 2017 at Kendall College of Art and Design and GVSU

Because True North is present on three different campuses, I am sharing an overview of what happened on each campus this semester. Some events True North supports and hosts independently and some we work collaboratively with other campus ministries.

At Kendall College of Art and Design: This semester we read and discussed Quentin Schultze’s book “Here I Am” with rotating student leadership. This book is a great discussion starter for thinking about life as Christians.

There were three speakers (with lunch) this semester, Quentin Schultze and two KCF alumna, Shannon Finnazo a graphic designer and Emily Mayo a fine artist, sculptor. Both alums did a wonderful job speaking about their work and faith. Quentin Schultze skillfully invited students into conversation about the Christian life.

We also began a weekly Monday 8 am prayer meeting. This was the idea of one of our officers who also planned and led the meeting.

We had one “Random Act of Lunch” this semester. Our Random Acts of Lunch are occasions where we bring and serve lunch to students in the student commons. Anyone is welcome to sit and eat with us. Generally about 30 students will participate in these “Random Acts”. This gives our students a great opportunity to meet fellow students and perhaps to overcome some perceptions (warranted or not) about Christians and a Christian group on campus.

At GVSU: The Garden is a program with Campus Ministry @GVSU which I have the opportunity to be part of. This semester the Garden moved from a church location to the home of a seminary intern. The format was a shared meal, student led singing, a student led talk and discussion, as well as time for prayer. I enjoyed every minute of my time with these students. They are thoughtful, committed, welcoming and great fun to spend time with.


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People always ask about numbers, so here they are:  These are cumulative numbers.

Fall                                           Winter

Kendall student meeting    (3-12 per week) 73              (9-12 per week)             113

                 Social                                    19                                                                        20

Random Acts of Lunch              ( Three)        72                                  (One)              35


Garden student meeting (9-12 per week)      52           (5-12 per week)                 87


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