The Class of 2019

Yes that’s right. This year’s entering freshman class is the class of 2019.

At Grand Valley State University the freshman class is 4155 students. That number is down 71 students from the year before.  The median high school GPA is 3.56. 37.8% of incoming freshmen are male and 62.2% are female. 3608 live on campus and 509 live off campus.  82.1% are white, 5.5% African American, 5% Hispanic, 4% two or more races, 2.2% Asian and 0.3 % “other”. There are students from more than 50 countries as part of this class. 1528 students are the first in their immediate families to attend college. That is almost 38% of the incoming freshman class.

Date has not been released yet for GRCC and Kendall College of Art and Design.

Every year Beloit College releases their Mindset list. You may find this look at the world of the class of 2019 interesting.

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