Week Three of the School Year

One of the realities of campus ministry is that the beginning of the fall semester is chaotic- for students, for faculty, for staff and for campus ministry. Parking on a downtown commuter campus is snarled. New students are lost, trying to find class rooms, the library, where to eat lunch. Schedules are still in flux. Everything seems up in the air and untethered.

Patience is the order of the day. Actually of the weeks. I’m ready to start! I’ve spent the summer thinking and planning. I’m ready but many of the students are not. And we have a new faculty adviser. He is going to be a wonderful adviser. But he is new and so he is asking questions, lots of questions, lots of appropriate questions, good questions.  And the school has changed some of its policies around student travel and van rental. Have I mentioned the service weekend trip coming up in two weeks?  Then there are the 500 water bottles in my garage. Patience. As the joke goes, I need patience and I need it right now.

But good things are happening also. We have a wonderful new faculty adviser. We have lots of students who have expressed interest in our ministry. I have great ministry partners.  And the students who are the reason we do this.

Here are some pictures from last week;

We received a box of free stuff from the PC(USA).



Club Day at GRCCIMG_20150908_131018381

Snacks before the GRCC campus movie night


Water bottle spotting, my new pastimeIMG_20150915_110900710

The Listening Post makes the college announcements (Sorry it is blurry)


The Interfaith Meditation Room open house at GVSU




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