Prayer for the First Day of School

Ever-present God, wherever we go, you are the great I Am.
You are with us when we are surrounded by professors and
students in crowded lecture halls. You are with us when we
toss and turn late at night in our dorm rooms. And now,
as we begin a new school year, with many uncertainties,
adventures, highs, and lows ahead, you walk before us,
reassure us, comfort, and guide us. Make your presence
known to us this day as we lift up our songs, give voice
to our deepest joys and fears, soak in your Word, and
faithfully respond by sharing your Word on the campus,
in the community, and in the world for all to see and hear.
For, wherever we go, on the brightest of days and darkest
of nights, we long to follow you and to feel your presence.


From UKirk UWorship Resources

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