Prayers for hard times

When we are struggling it can be difficult to pray. Sometimes using prayers someone else has written can help us give voice to what we need to say to God.  Here are some prayers for your use from Action Alliance for Suicide

If these prayers express your feelings, pray and then call 1 800 273-8255 the National Suicide Hotline to talk with someone. They will help you connect with someone in your area who can help.

From chaos and emptiness,
From loneliness and lifelessness,
Come, Creator, Come.
From darkness and shapelessness,
From the abyss and awfulness,
Come, Creator, Come.
From fearfulness and hopelessness,
From weakness and dreadfulness,
Come, Creator, Come.
~A Celtic Prayer – David Adam


God, I’m afraid. Afraid to believe that I could be different, that I could change. Afraid to believe that you
could replace my mourning with dancing and I could become a person who feels the sadness of life but
still chooses to pursue joy. I want to live today, right now, as someone who chooses joy. Give me
strength and courage to look for your blessings on this journey. In Jesus’s name, Amen.
~Kay Warren, Choose Joy

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