Prayers for the First Week of School: Students

This week, I’ll post a series of prayers for all involved in education.

For Students:

Holy God,

We are poised at the start of a new school year.

We ask your blessing on students…

who are beginning in new schools

who are returning to familiar schools

who eagerly await the opportunity to learn

who embrace new challenges both academic and social.

We know not every student looks forward to classes and so please be with students…

who struggle with academics

who are the “new kid” or the awkward one or the outsider.

Please help students to care for each other.

Give each one the grace and courage to befriend another, to offer a word of encouragement, a smile, a place at the lunch table.

Grant each student the ability to cultivate good study habits, regular class attendance, curiosity, insight, self control and a love of learning.

Holy One, help those of us who know students, love students, work with students to offer encouragement and support.

Thank you that we can learn.

Thank you for a world full of things to learn about.






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