The Listening Post

The new academic year begins in 19 days! Students will return to campus, finalize class schedules, buy books, reunite with friends, make new friends and begin the process of transitioning from teenagers to young adults. College is an exciting time. But college can also be a stressful, difficult time. Grades,classes, work, family life, friendships, dating, social pressures, choosing careers, all make college life challenging.

An important part of every campus ministry is our ability to be present with and for students. To listen carefully, with empathy to what ever is on a students heart and mind.

And you can help us do that!

This year on the Grand Rapids Community College campus, True North Campus Ministry is beginning a Listening Post. A Listening Post is a safe space for students to share unhurried conversation; a place to be heard and accepted; a place to clarify thinking, consider options, express joy or sorrow, explore ideas; a place of warmth and friendship. Listening Posts have been present on college campuses around the country since 1979.

Please check out our Listening Post page for details and consider if God is calling you to be part of the lives of college students in this way.

Questions? Contact Nancy at 616-821-0351 or


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