Steve Prince visits Grand Rapids

We are very excited to have the opportunity to host print maker, artist, Christian speaker, Steve Prince on October 15. Steve will be conduction three printmaking workshops for Kendall College students. He will give a noon lecture ( lunch provided) on The HeART of Christ: New Creation
In this lecture Steve will discuss the power of the arts and faith, and demonstrate through a series of art images how we can express the heart of Christ in a contemporary context.  He will share how we can look at the scripture with fresh eyes and utilize this commutable word to teach its truths and guiding principles.

In the evening at 7:30 he will give a public lecture, Second Line: The Art of Social Justice
In this lecture Steve will discuss the unique funerary tradition of New Orleans.  Through the  story of the “Dirge and the Second Line” amongst other historical moments he will demonstrate how he symbolically embed those stories in the visual arts to educate, challenge, and openly grapple with societies moral and ethical dilemmas.

The evening lecture is free and open to the public.

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