Oil Spills and Your Career

The events of the past several days highlight the need for people of faith to be involved in all sorts of careers and jobs. 

In case the end of school has kept you too busy to follow the events in the Gulf Oil spill, you can read about what has happened here and here. Here is a slide show of events.   It is a complex situation. Think of all the people who are involved. Scientists of almost every kind, biologists, geologists, chemists, meteorologists, oceanographers to name a just a few. All sorts of engineers. People with welding, diving,and robotic skills. Boat captains and crews who know the Gulf. State and Federal employees overseeing regulatory and safety issues. Financial and accounting folks. Human resources people. People who have organizational skills to organize the response. People to organize and train volunteers. Wildlife rescue folks. And journalists and photographers to record and tell the story. Elected officials, local, state, and federal to protect citizens and reassess regulations and safety issues. And on and on. I’m sure you can add others to this list.

In the weeks and months ahead there will be lots of analysis, lots of second guessing, lots of thinking and planning about ways to prevent future disasters of this sort. There will be lots of discussion about the wisdom of off shore oil drilling and about how to meet our energy needs.

People of faith need to be involved in all of this from top to bottom. Why? Because we are going to need people involved who have a sense about a bigger picture. Bigger than who is to blame. Bigger than who pays. Bigger than short-term solutions. Bigger than preserving the status quo.  We need people involved who have an idea about God’s intentions for the world. Flourishing. Shalom. Wholeness.  We need people involved who care about justice in the largest and best sense of the word.

That’s what Christians bring to the workplace and to the world. A sense of purpose. A sense of the worth of all people. A sense that there is more a stake than meets the eye. A sense that while the earth isn’t all that there is, the earth and everything on it is immensely important to God.

God calls Christians to all sorts of work. And that work becomes shaped by the Christian vision of how the world should be. What we do matters. Geologist, boat crew, CPA, wildlife rehab volunteer. All of it matters. All of it needs to be done well, with love and care.

True North is here to help you think about the ways your faith and your career interact. How your faith shapes the way you understand your job. How your faith shapes the way you do your job. How your faith shapes the way you live your life. What does it mean for you and for me to be Christians in this time and in this place? 

Those are big ideas, big questions. It takes time to sort it all out. True North is here to help. Not to tell you what to do and how to think, but to support and encourage you. We’re here as a companion along the way.

Let us know how we can help.

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