Grand Dialogue in Science and Religion

Have you heard of the Grand Dialogue?  It is a free one day conference in downtown Grand Rapids devoted to a topic of interest to the disciplines of science and religion.  This year the keynote speaker is Allan Wallace on the topic, “Reason, Experience, and Faith in Science and Religion: A Buddhist Perspective”  After lunch there are two sets of breakout sessions available. The breakout sessions (see here for a complete list) cover topics from math to consciousness, why we have the calendar we have, computer ethics, meditation and much more. 

  The Grand Dialogue is a wonderful day to meet some interesting people and be part of some fascinating discussion. Best of all it’s free (except for your optional lunch). 

I’ll be there and I would like to have lunch with any students who attend so we can meet and talk about Dr. Wallace’s presentation from a Christian perspective. Let me know if you would like to do this, and I’ll reserve a space for us to meet.   Registration is free, but you do need to individually register and you can do that- here

 From the Grand Dialogue website:  

Grand Dialogue is an inter-institutional, inter-disciplinary, inter-faith exploration of Science and Religion. Grand Dialogue is an association of colleges, universities, and related organizations exploring the relationship between science and religion. This inter-institutional, inter-disciplinary, and inter-faith exploration seeks to find positive ways of relating these two great ideas in a constructive dialogue. Participating organizations each have their own unique perspectives, foci, message, and intended audience. By cooperating, we affirm the willingness to be open to various issues and perspectives in a spirit  of mutual respect. 







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