The Fantastic Mr. Fox

Last Saturday night about 16 GRCC and Kendall College students watched “The Fantastic Mr. Fox” at the Celebration Cinema as Woodland Mall.  It’s a movie about a chicken stealing fox, who “goes straight” by becoming a journalist and then returns to a life of chicken stealing on the sly.

But of course, there is more to the movie than that. It is also a story about identity and responsibility. 

“The Fantastic Mr. Fox” is not a Christian movie. But it is a movie that explores what it means to be an individual who is also in relationships with other people. What if being “true to who we are” is bad for others? What if our family and community don’t like what we do but continue to love us and be in relationship with us in spite of our actions?

Important themes to consider as Christian people.

And it’s a really entertaining movie too.

PS.   “The Fantastic Mr. Fox” has been nominated for two Academy Awards, best animated feature film and best original score.

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