Here I Am Chapter 2 “Participating in Renewal”

There are several quite interesting ideas offered by Quentin Schultze in this chapter. One  is that God can use both our strengths andweaknesses. I suspect this is true because often what is a strength in one situation can be a weakness in another. The apostle Paul’s zeal as a Pharisee was destructive, particularly for Christians. However after his conversion, that zeal- redirected- spread the Gospel. 

What strengths and weaknesses do you and I have that God can use, if we let him?

The second idea I want to consider today is that God is at work through, what seems to us, very small actions. To recognize God at work in the small things we do can be difficult. In fact we may not recognize God’s activity at all. But just because we don’t immediately see how God is at work, doesn’t mean God isn’t at work.

Take a moment and remember a time when someone did a small thing for you that was a blessing for you. Perhaps it was someone you know or maybe it was an isolated encounter with a stranger.

It can be difficult, no it is difficult, to go through life aware of all the ways, all the opportunities we have to be a blessing to each other. I find repetitive tasks to be the most difficult ones to offer as a blessing. I struggle to understand how doing the dishes and unpacking the groceries participates in renewal.

How does going to class and paying attention participate in God’s renewal of all things?

It seems to me that – for me at least- understanding how this works isn’t the key. Trusting that God is at work in and through what each of us does– trusting, believing and living faithfully is.

What do you think?

One thought on “Here I Am Chapter 2 “Participating in Renewal”

  1. At the end, good distinction between “understanding” and “trusting, believing and living faithfully.”

    We don’t understand, but we can trust – see Calvin reading last few days on providence. He tries to lock in too many things, but the heart of it all about trusting God and subsequent peace of mind and spirit.

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