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Young Adult Volunteers is an opportunity to spend one academic year in Christian service and learning.  YAV is present in 18 sites in the US and around the world. The goals of the program (from their website)  are for volunteers:

  • To experience living in intentional Christian community — Whether or not the young adults live under the same roof, they explore what it means to be a Christian community. 
  •  To focus on spiritual formation — Through the mentorship of site coordina­tors and fellow interns, young adults reflect on their experiences and ex­plore their relationship to the church and their ministry in a broken world.
  • To engage young adults in the church’s mission — The church seeks to pro­vide opportunities for young adults to serve the church and their communi­ties. Young adults experience and develop leadership within communities of faith. With training and support, they can provide leadership in the mission field in the Presbyterian Church and in the ecumenical church.
  • To assist YAVs in vocation discernment.
  • To be present in communities of need and to facilitate young adults’ engagement in communities of need.

Spend some time at their web site, You can find out more about their program and read the blogs of this years volunteers.

You can find the Young Adult Volunteers on our links page also.

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